About Us

Tree of Life Centre is an organisation set up to encourage spiritual growth, development, companionship, and friendship though our regular activities. We are dedicated to Spiritual healing and to support those suffering from all forms of bereavement.

We are a non-denominational organisation for anyone looking for a deeper connection with the spiritual world, be it religious or a more intimate relationship with the greater spiritual source and their own spiritual pathway.

The Winchester centre opened in September 2022 by our founders, Wendy Hawkeswood, Wendy Woolsey,  and Pauline Balfour.

It was felt there was limited places in Winchester that are dedicated to spiritual growth which empathised on learning.

We all have our own spiritual journey and how we interpret and relate to our understanding of the physical and spiritual worlds, but one fundamental truth is we all believe that the spirits of our loved ones exist and have the ability to communicate with the living.

Our aim is to provide a safe environment for everyone to practise their own spiritual growth and to receive communication from their loved ones through the demonstration of mediumship at our weekly meeting and related activities.


If there is anything you would like to discuss please contact the team.