Monthly Demonstration of Mediumship

When you arrive for the monthly evening of Mediumship, you will be given a warm welcome and offered refreshments and a seat within the meeting.  The meeting is usually one hour long. The host will introduce the Medium and ask them to open the meeting with a prayer of protection,  The medium then conducts their demonstration of mediumship and convey any messages received from the other side. This runs for about 45 minutes to 1 hour. Notices are read and the meeting is finished with a prayer of closure and protection from the medium.  We offer 1:1 mini readings for £5, Energy Healing, Bereavement support  are free from 8pm to 9pm.  Refreshments are free and we have our gift stall.


We aim to provide in addition to our monthly meeting, activities or workshop to encourage spiritual growth, friendship and laughter, please see details on Eventbrite or on our Facebook page.

Private Readings

Wendy Hawkeswood,  can provide private readings in your home by appointment. 

Louise England, can provide private readings or /and healing in your home by appointment.

The above incur fees to the mediums. Please email us.