Bereavement, Grief & Loss


Bereavement Support

Whether your loss was recent or a long time ago, grieving for a loved one or a dearly loved pet or even supporting someone with a terminal illness is a lonely experience. We are not counsellors nor therapists, but volunteers who have experienced bereavement in various ways and are here to offer a safe space to listen and support one another, offering comfort and friendship.  Please contact us for an appointment.


Visiting a Medium When Traditional Grief Counselling Does Not Help

Visiting a medium to help you through your grief can offer hope that death is not the end and helps you explore the human consciousness.  Finding evidence can help you find the strength to move through your grief, but you could also be setting yourself up with more heartache too with feelings of isolation if you do not receive a message from your loved one.  Please be mindful that visiting a spiritualist church/medium may not be the answer you are seeking to deal with your grief, and professional help from another organisation may be needed for you.

As a centre we ask you to be cautious of potential fraudsters and we advise avoid visiting a medium in the first year following the loss of a loved one, as you need time to adjust to your loss and deal with your grief, but we realise everyone is different, so please ask for advice.

Points to Consider Before Visiting a Medium

  1. Learn the difference between a psychic and a medium.  A psychic can sense invisible things about a person.  Mediums communicate with your loved ones, they are always psychic - but not all psychics are mediums. 
  2. Choose a certified medium or one recommended by friends. If uncertain ask if you can take a friend for support, if they decline then avoid this medium.
  3. Avoid celebrity mediums & psychics.
  4. Be wary of repeat visits for readings, genuine mediums/Psychics will not encourage this.
  5. Fees can vary, most good psychics and mediums will charge about £30 per hour. They will explain this price at the time of booking
  6. Most psychics are not trained councillors or therapists, do not accept being told what to do or believe, and follow your own judgement and gut feelings.
  7. Avoid psychic phone lines, as some make money by keeping you on the phone as long as possible. If you do call set a time limit and what you can afford to pay for the call.
  8. Be wary of being bombarded with adverts and being asked for credit card details, only pay in cash or via a card machine and ask for the cost upfront.
  9. Do not allow the psychic to ask you questions, they are there to prove to you life continues after physical death.  Only answer with yes, no, maybe.
  10. Be aware of your social media outlets and the details on them, as they may have done research on you and found various pieces of information.


Keepsake Memory Toy or Cushion £50

Made from loved one’s clothes, One-of-a-kind,  handmade with love or a handmade therapy bear to help anxiety and comfort you. (10% donated to our Centre). Large £60, Medium £45, small £35.