Our Founders Thoughts

Wendy Hawkeswood

Spiritualism to me, is a belief that there is life after death, where they communicate and guide us through our life journey where ever that may take us.  

I decided to leave the Spiritualist Church I was helping as it was becoming very dissolution by the one spiritual pathway. I wanted to be involved with all spiritual activities and thought a new centre would be the ideal opportunity to join with other like minded people searching for answers and the need to learn or investigate more about holistic and wellbeing values.  a comfortable environment where all would be welcomed.  I am a medium myself, looking into spirituality over many years and am willing to help others on their own spiritual journeys through our  meetings and workshops.


Wendy Woolsey

I don't label myself a Spiritualist, I am a  free spiritual being who has a connection with the energy from the natural earth and the universe and of those who have passed  before us . I  believe in our own individual understanding and free will to explore our destiny, without being constricted by religion,  philosophy and doctrine.

There was a lack of centres who could offer myself and like minded people a safe environment to explore, to offer healing,  wellbeing and support especially to the  bereaved. I welcome anyone to visit us  who wish to explore and to offer a unique opportunity of learning and companionship  through our activities.

Pauline Balfour

Spiritualism to me means striving to make a better life and a better person from the inside outwards.  

I am the novice of our group. I have always been interested in the concept of Spiritualism through my family and the many conversations I had with my sister on the subject, but I did not experience any physical connection until I saw my old dog sitting in my garden recently, it was a beautiful sensation.

I met both Wendy’s, Margaret and another lady in the Spiritualist Church I attended, and we have become good friends.  They have helped me develop a great deal, I only wished I had started earlier.

The centre has enabled me to continue my personal Spiritual journey to develop and learn enabling me to be with likeminded people offering ongoing positive support which makes all the difference as we all need a helping hand and friends.

Margaret Rae

An original founder, who has taken a step back from the centre, we wish her love, light and healing  in her recovery.